Nothing Was The Same

7 February 2014

When I saw you, memories flowed like rivers, that’s the moment I realized how much I missed you. You didn’t change a bit, your eyes still as bright as before. Everything’s so simple to you but I just can’t afford that kind of perspective in life. Everything I see and everything I look at is in chaos.

I’m a victim of the things I don’t understand. The sun rose, flowers bloomed, I’m still me. It’s been years but I’m still thinking what if? Maybe after a decade I’ll start understanding.

Love is like dreaming, a groundless incident. They say money can’t buy happiness, true, I have money but there’s no ticket to the train that goes to you…

We are neither good nor bad, we lost in the beginning when we said “it’s just the beginning” and sat in a corner. We watched the sea like seagulls, from far, without interfering. We fell in love once or twice but nothing felt good enough. We kicked the pebbles on our way, little did we know that they were actually innocent people in our lives. We were once lost in the streets of Istanbul. We loved others, some others loved us, we were never deprived of love.

Years passed by, we grew up, laughed at the days we thought love was something big. Later on we realized love was nothing but a labyrinth. We never gave up but we learnt a lot. We fell in love once again but nothing was the same…


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