Like A Dandelion

5 February 2014

The moment you open your eyes from a deep sleep and try to compute who you are, it’s like a brief second of bliss. The corner of your lips starts curling and when everything comes back to you, your lips straighten. Almost as if you’re holding a grudge for life.

Imagine life as a flower, childhood the ultimate bud then the petals start to show, that’s the part where we learn things in life, most probably our education years. But when the petals start falling, you know the pain will end soon.

Life without challenges is like a spring without flowers. Watching flowers bloom must be the best thing our eyes could ever witness but there’s more to discover. It doesn’t need much intelligence to realize the beauty on Earth. You just have to open your eyes and look. Seeing and looking are two different things, you can see the clouds – everyone does – but you can also choose to look at them, to watch them glide on the atmosphere.

Every spring dandelions come and go, like the challenges in life. Don’t blow the dandelion seeds…


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