It’s Always Sunny in Jeddah

5 February 2014

Everyone complains about Jeddah’s weather but when you leave, that’s actually the first thing you miss. Winter is such a depressing season, it doesn’t just freeze your bones, it freezes your soul too.

Ever since I left Jeddah, I couldn’t play basketball, not as much as I did before. I’m not blaming the weather, this time it’s my friends which knew nothing about sports.

I’ve always found palm trees so elegant looking. I’m afraid I can’t say the same for the pine trees in our backyard, they look rather scary, even with the decorations in the New Year.

There’s this place in Jeddah, it’s called The Corniche, it’s a coastal resort area and it has a great view of King Fahd’s Fountain, not to brag but it’s the highest fountain in the world. I used to go there once in month and at night that place is literally glowing.

Red Sea has the most colorful sea creatures I’ve ever seen. In sunset the sea is so clear you can see the fish dancing. At night the city gives you a chance to experience the human-made light shows.

I’m not a morning person and nobody in Jeddah is, but the sunset is such a beauty, the silence in the coast, kids flying kites, families having picnics, the answer to a perfect weekend.

Who am I to not miss all these things? Wouldn’t it be a shame to forget all that in just four years of Istanbul experience? I’ll rest in peace even if it’s snowing here because I know it’s always sunny in Jeddah…


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