I Recklessly Love You

7 August 2014

Stars only shine when you sing…

You have a way of pulling me back into dreams I never want to stop dreaming of. You say things that only characters in books do. You’re covered in rainbow and all the other sweet, rare and magical things this universe holds.

You’re like the night breeze… silent, cold but lovely. You are a rainy day in a desert. You are a garden full of roses. You are the first snowflake in winter. You are everything I cherish in this cruel world…

You are amazing even when you aren’t aware of it. I granted you the honor of becoming the explorer of the depths of my thoughts which I carefully hid some time ago. I gave you the power to destroy me but I know you won’t let a tear fall. Words fall into place only when you laugh like a child, as if you have nothing to worry about, as if you are happy in a world filled with broken hearts, as if… as if you learnt to fly!

We recklessly love things that hold mystery in them…


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