Good Morning

25 June 2014

Everyone’s gathered in the square waiting for the sunrise, you’re so pure that while they’re all waiting for the sunrise… the sun is waiting for you to wake up… good morning.

You’re probably sleeping like a top and I’m here writing… Life’s all about it, one sleeps, the other writes… one runs, the other chases… one cries, the other laughs… one talks, the other listens… one lives, the other dies… one loves, the other stares like an idiot from far… one wants, the other doesn’t… one is happy, the other not as fortunate, drowns in sadness… one struggles, the other just sits… one picks flowers, the other picks garbage… one says enough, the other accepts… one is patient, the other a curser… one writes, the other reads… one says good morning, the other writes paragraphs… one says but you didn’t do before I told you so, the other says stop being the source of inspiration… one stops talking, the other starts talking promising to never stop… one listens but doesn’t understand, the other just stares stares stares… one forgets and moves on with life, the other regrets and cries cries cries… one falls in love, the other falls sick… all in all you can’t satisfy everyone but you’ve made me smile, what else do you need?


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