Far Far Away

Far far away, he is far far away. Music in the highest volume, thinking the pain between my ribs will vanish… plot twist: it won’t.

Even the mornings are no joy. Can you think of a “good” morning without a “good morning”? My coffee mug is on the table full, cold and untouched… I’m wide awake.

Raining, it’s been raining since he said he’ll be gone for a while. I said goodbye to happiness, I know it won’t return… I know it because I know that I know nothing about how happiness comes and goes.

How do you live with a painful distance? In the darkest hour I think of him… locked in a city so empty… it’s empty because he’s not here anymore.

Another coffee-less morning. I started hating coffee, I don’t want to wake up to a day without him, not even the dark dark night.

The sun isn’t warm enough… his embrace was always in the right temperature.


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