Don’t Cry

23 June 2014

I’m not a very good talker, I’ve never been the kind of extra caring friend that calms the sensitive crying friend. I freak out in such situations. Since I’m not the crying type, I can’t exactly understand what a sensitive person would need. Probably a hug? That’s nice I’m a good hugger… but when it comes to words, my tongue twists and I end up saying the most cliche thing; “It will be alright”… I wish I never said that!

When I was a kid I used to fake cry to get attention (there I said it, no more denying). What a narcist thing to do! I loved attention more than I loved my toys. I used to do all sorts of crazy things for attention… but even if I had everyone’s attention, it was never enough… When it came to attention, I was a hungry wild animal.

Being good at fake crying… it’s hard to remember a time I cried for real. Maybe I’m not sensitive, maybe I haven’t been through what most of my classmates in middle school did. I was never an A student… so getting a B never made me cry (I always found the idea of crying because of a low grade funny, sorry Miss Honest here).

Why cry for little things when I can smile instead? I was known as the happy kid in the family (well at least that’s how I look in old photographs or maybe I’m just photogenic). I may not be funny but I always find things to laugh at… not people… just little funny moments. In other words, it’s pretty easy to make me laugh.

I’m going to get back to the real topic… I don’t understand people that cry because of a low grade, I wish I knew how to make them happy… I mean it’s not the end of the world! It’s just a piece of paper, just a way to check whether you understood the class. You feel guilty for getting a low mark? Well you should be, you could have done better but here’s what successful people do; 1. they find their mistakes, 2. they study more… But it’s just a phase. Over-thinking will not get you anywhere nice. One day it’ll all end and when you’re thirty-something you’re going to laugh at yourself for crying at that time when you got a C.

So why cry now?


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