1 March 2014

Everything can change. Not just humans, everything around us can change. We have seasons, neatly organized but it may not snow the same day it snowed last year. So change happens everywhere. It happens when it happens, you can hate the person you once loved. We change with the changes but we still remain us.

I’d like to imagine life as a bucket and memories as the frequent rain. You can go around all day with your bucket but when it rains make sure you’re outside. While walking happily with your bucket in the most randomest day, make sure you don’t trip over a rock and forget.

While everything changes around us, it takes us longer to realize than the time it took for the change to happen. We are too involved with our lives and selves that we don’t see much around us. We roll like an empty barrel down a hill, we only stop when we can go no further. That’s exactly the same moment where we realize what’s going on around us. So we need a pause once in a while, to look around, to stop worrying too much about our lives. How does the carefree people live? Do they not worry about a single thing? They do but not as much as you do. Make yourself a coffee and relax for a bit, you only get to live this very moment once…


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