4 February 2014

We all have that time in our lives where we’re too busy to comment on daily events. Things just happen, as if they’re on autopilot. We don’t do much about stuff. So we eventually forget. But isn’t that a bad thing?

One of those days when I was in deep thoughts, I figured I had much more to discover in life. It was like I wasn’t exactly living life “to the fullest”. In my opinion, we all should comment on pretty much everything in our lives… Events basically… it’s rude to comment on people… well not unless it’s a compliment… still it may lead to pointing out their flaws. But on the other hand, flaws are what makes us who we are.

I’ve lived my life on autopilot until pretty much recently. Sadly my childhood is wasted, I don’t have much memories that I could remember. Now and then my twin reminds me of few memories but no vivid images whatsoever.

I decided to actually live my life. Believe me, ever since I started paying attention around me, the world started becoming a bearable place. I started living a detailed life. I found the autopilot off button.

I don’t want to sound too emotional but somewhere between the clouds and the flowing rivers, I found happiness in a road I never walked on…


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