All Gone But Not Forgotten

6 February 2014

The new day was beginning, the birds were singing and when the curtains started dancing in the morning breeze, I found you. While I was living for the sake of forgotten memories and pretending to be happy, I got to know you. Like the dry soil in a desert expecting rain, I waited for you. One autumn night, I lost you. I found you once again but like a bird with a broken wing, I couldn’t fly no more.
When it’s about you, words tangle with sentences, just like how my heart tumbles when I see you. While some things excite me, some other things make me nervous. It’s like I have a circus in my stomach not butterflies. Ever since you came, there’s a celebration.

I learnt a bit late that little things in life actually mean big things in reality. Memories, vacant eyes, vain promises, old friends, ancient feelings, good old days, all gone but not forgotten.

You’re like the old music box I kept on a shelf, the one I found after long long years, the one that’s filled with lots of memories. I’ve been wondering where I kept it since almost seven years now. I thought I lost it but one day it just appeared right in front of me, I’ve never been more glad. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost it, it’s indescribably valuable to me, just like you…


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