The Green Stairs

5 April 2014

I sat all by myself and started thinking about the past. I had the urge to write a letter for you. It was almost as if my writing skills were craving the touch of pen and paper. I’m not sure if that made sense but you get me. In fact you get me even when I don’t get myself. Well isn’t that why we’re best friends?

I’ve known you since fifth grade, it’s been quite a while. We’ve been so close ever since the first day you arrived but life gets busy and we don’t get to talk much. Nevertheless that doesn’t stop us from being as close as before.

You’re the first person that comes in my mind when people ask “who’s the closest to you?” and when I say “Sonia” they ask “where is she? I haven’t seen her”. With patience I tell them, “she might be far far away in another continent but she’s right here in my heart.”

Even if we don’t talk, we’ve got so many memories to hold on to, that’s what it counts anyway. Nobody competes in who talks more, it’s about the little things, things like remembering how we used to sit on those green stairs and once you made me bite on your kebab sandwich that your mother made, it was delicious, I can’t forget the taste. I could write a book about all these moments but I wouldn’t want to share you, you know how jealous I get. You’re like a sister to me, I hope I filled up the role for the sister you never had.

I don’t know, I sometimes miss you a lot, I do have friends here but how many of us has a friend they still contact since fifth grade? Funny thing is that it doesn’t seem far at all, it seems as if only yesterday we were sitting on those green stairs and laughing at the miseries of our lives…


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