A Bucket Full of Happiness

23 April 2014

I hate the silence between your words. For once I wish you’d talk it all out. I just wish, I can only wish…

The winter between us, it’s like it’ll never end. We’re under a great quantity of snow. I might’ve mentioned before that I’ve never been a fan of winter and this means you shouldn’t either. There are things in life that needs patience to be solved. That patience somehow never visited me.

When spring arrived everything changed. Not just the clothes and jewelry of earth but also the people walking on it. Spring is equal to a bucket full of happiness. It’s the happiness that comes from the farewell of the depressing winter. The blooming flowers are pretty effective, even the blind can feel it’s beauty, maybe not by seeing but the extraordinary scent of flowers -we need a nose for that now, don’t we?- and let’s not forget the soft breeze on our skins.

We plan out things in life as if we won’t ever die. We worry way too much of things that don’t deserve a second thought. We get heartbroken like the window broken by kids that play soccer on the streets, sudden and scattered into pieces and pieces. We get pulled from place to place, only to find out that we don’t belong there. We get lost in an ocean of people, we vanish in a crowd of nobodies. We walk miles and miles, only to find out that we’re just in the beginning of our journey. We breathe as long as we live but at times things suffocate us. We love only to find out that we never really looked up and saw the big picture…


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